The creators of Magic for Muggles Summer Day Camp have once again conjured up Halloween Nights for fans of Harry Potter. Young witches and wizards, ages 7-12, can enjoy the fun that Halloween brings at our version of Hogwarts School with plenty of new activities and challenges that tie into the Harry Potter stories. (Note: It is not necessary to have read the books or seen the movies to participate. Hopefully, children will be inspired to go on to read the stories after joining the fun.)

Each session is separate, with a repeat of the same activities. However, the experience is always fresh and exciting with different children, groupings, and outcomes. So a child may enroll in multiple nights.

At the end of registering your child on-line, you should see a pop up confirmation message. We will also be sending out an email in late September with more details about this special night.

Two Sessions for 2018: Friday October 12th and Friday October 19th, both from 6-9PM at the Hogwarts-like Saint John’s Church Parish Hall. Cost is $45 per student per session. Sign up below!

REGISTER: Please complete these 2 simple steps to make sure your child is enrolled for Magic for Muggles Summer Day Camp.


  • Fill out the ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM. Besides the basic information, be sure to include the number of sessions, an email address, a contact phone number and all relevant medical information. You will need to fill out this form for each student.
  • Please note: after the form is completed, a “pop-up” will appear on your screen confirming your registration. If you have a “pop up” blocker on your computer, you will not see this.


  • Click the “PayPal Pay Now” button below if you wish to pay by credit card (you can use your Visa, MasterCard, etc.) through PayPal. The cost is $45 per student, per session. Make sure you click the correct quantity (example, if you are paying for one child for two sessions, please select “2” in quantity).
  • Please note: after the transaction is completed, a “pop-up” will appear on your screen confirming payment. If you have a “pop up blocker” on your computer, you will not see this. 
  • PayPal-Pay-Now-ButtonTo pay by check, please send checks made out to “K and A Camps” to:

    Kevin McCarthy

    20 George Street

    Bayonne, NJ 07002

    Please email Kevin McCarthy to let him know you are paying by check or if you have any questions: Kevin McCarthy at kmc216@optonline.net

    REFUND POLICY: Refunds are only provided for cancellations when the space can be filled by another student and only provided at least one week in advance (unless there is an emergency).